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Scott Walker

The Rhymes of Goodbye

Having discovered the site preserved on an old disc and finding myself with the bandwidth to do it, both literally and metaphorically, today, I thought I would put the website for my Scott Walker book back up online (at least for now and unless or until I find a better use for the bandwidth).


This site is really just for historic interest only. The text and images are more or less exactly as they appeared in 2006; I've just given the site a slight stylistic spruce up in transferring it from the antique web design software that it was originally created on. Unlike other sites I may or may not be involved in from now on, I don’t intend updating this site, so it will remain the way it is today as if set in aspic. You are still welcome to contact me by e-mail, though, and I will respond.  


Lewis Williams, July 2014

About The Rhymes of Goodbye published by Plexus, London, in 2006

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